The Bitterroot Buckaroos is a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) sanctioned Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) club located in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley.  We place safety on the range as our number one priority, and having fun as the second!  

You get to dress up as someone from the old west, choose an old west name, and use period correct firearms testing your shooting skills on various types and sizes of targets at various distances.  We use single action pistols, lever and pump rifles in pistol calibers, and shotguns.

Bitterroot Buckaroos Old West Shooting and Social Club April 2019

Old West Shooting And Social Club

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  Bitterroot Buckaroos

The Bitterroot Buckaroos Old West Shooting and Social Club

Is a Cowboy Action Shooting Club that brings together Cowboy Shooters, Old West Re-enactors, and Aficionados of the American Frontier.  Our club is a family oriented organization bringing the fun of Cowboy Action Shooting and the love of the old west to young and old in the Bitterroot Valley.  Our club provides a safe and fun shooting environment, quality leadership, special events, and Old West social activities.  Come join us and experience the fun, excitement, and traditions of the Old West!